Full Paper Submission 16 May, 2023


Acceptance Notification- 10th June, 2023


Final Paper Submission 20th June ,2023


Conference Date 05th-06th July, 2023

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Accepted & Registered Papers

Sl NoPaper IDPaper Title
11570908764How Will Autonomous Vehicles Increase Ease of Life?
21570879986Opinion Mining based Predictive model based on Social Media Responses
31570909024Quantifying the Impact and Growth of Smart Innovation, Systems and Technology: A Bibliometric Approach Mapping the Research Landscape over 12 Years
41570896843Decomposition into Multi-Objective Fronts: A Pivot-based Deterministic Non-dominated Sorting Approach
51570913437Exploring Microinteractions in Human-Computer In-teraction: Design Principles, Types, and User Experience
61570908068A Hybrid Deep Convolution Neural Network Algorithm with Spatial Attention for Malware Detection in Android Operating System
71570908096Design and development of Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time Monitoring and Prevention of Accidents in Hilly Area
81570875524Enhancing Accuracy in Water Pollution Prediction that results in chronic infections on marine life using Multi-Linear Regression and Random Forest Regression
91570898563Virtual Scribe for Visually Impaired Learners through Interactive Speech based Application
101570913024Faster CNN-based layout analysis of Punjabi Newspapers using the custom dataset
111570909035Securing Data based on Lightweight Algorithm for Internet of Things Networks
121570914196An Exploration of How Children Can Be Proactive for Their Own Digital Privacy and Security in the Perspective of North-Eastern Bangladesh
131570898020A Scalable URL-Based Phishing Websites Detection System Using Machine Learning Techniques
141570904155Accident Detection and Prevention for Advanced Driver Assistance System
151570904600Labour Safety Analysis Using Object Recognition and Deep Learning
161570906766Currency Recognition App for Blind people
171570913481Diagnosis of Faults in Wireless Sensor Networks Through Machine Learning Approach
181570890846Career Change: Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda.
191570880563Prediction of Heart Disease and Improving Classifier Performance Using Particle Swarm Optimization
201570914312Exploring Artificial Neural Network for X-parameter and S-Parameter Modelling of HEMT
211570908765Exploratory Review of Applications of Machine Learning for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
221570906525BankÕs Efficiency & the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) of Indian Banks: Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
231570899993Response Surface and Artificial Neural Network Simulation used in Dissolution Enhancement of Poorly Soluble Lornoxicam Using Microwave-Assisted Solid Dispersion Technique
241570899975Optimizing Analysis of Donepezil HCl and Memantine HCl using Multivariate Analysis as a Data Mining Tool in HPTLC Methodology
251570914413Privacy Policy for E-Waste Management
261570914188Spider Monkey Optimization-Based Image Data Forgery Detection over Vehicular Cloud Computing
271570900481Two-Stage ASL Detection Architecture: A Hand Sign Languages Detection Scheme
281570903981Retinal Vessel Segmentation Using a Novel U-Net Architecture with Data Augmentation
291570914364DeepTriNet: A Tri-Level Attention Based DeepLabv3+ Architecture for Semantic Segmentation of Satellite Images
301570914278Performance Analysis of Various EfficientNet Based U-Net++ Architecture for Automatic Building Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Images.
311570914142Smartphone Based Pothole and Speed-breaker Detection System
331570887544A Comparative Analysis of Eye Movement and Gaze Tracking Algorithms?
341570909015Motion Aware Video Surveillance System (MAVSS)
351570899030A Study on the Beliefs of Prospective Social Studies Teachers about the Applicability of Gamification in Education: To Play or Not to Play?
361570891868Predict Exchange Rate by Adopting Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) Method Approach
371570901941The Impact of Voice control function on the Elder CustomersÕ Smart home continuous adoption
381570891868Predict Exchange Rate by Adopting Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE) Method Approach
391570899970Image Classification Based on Quality of Pixels
401570914350Wheat Leaf Disease Synthetic Image Generation from Limited Dataset Using GAN
411570914354Maize Leaf Disease Detection Using Vision Transformers(ViT) and CNN-based Classifiers: Comparative Analysis
421570900481Two-Stage ASL Detection Architecture: A Hand Sign Languages Detection Scheme
431570914340Voice and Bangla Text-based Multimodal Disease Detection and Recommendation System for Rice Leaf Disease
441570903981Retinal Vessel Segmentation using a Novel U-Net Architecture with Data Augmentation
451570904301MTCNN and FACENET-Based Face Detection and Recognition Model for Attendance Monitoring
461570912311Revolutionizing Business Sentiment Analysis: Unleashing the Power of Machine Learning for Enhanced Sentiment Classification
471570914718Applications of Federated Learning in Healthcare: A New Paradigm for Digital Health
481570908594Calorie Measurement for Raw Vegan Diet using YOLOv8
491570914361Evaluation of BLER and Throughput During the Coexistence of Two 5G NR
501570903510Reversible Image Steganography Using Deep Learning Method: A Review
511570866048Registration of CT Images of the Lung Using FWA-IATF
521570905638Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Skin Cancer at Early Stage using Deep Learning Algorithms
531570914160Endoscopic Surgical Operation and Object Detection Using Custom Architecture Models